The Emotional Dimension of Recovery

The Emotional Dimension of Recovery
by Michael Liimatta, AGRM Director of Education 

  • Part 1 - In this first installment, the importance of emotional self-awareness is explored, along with a discussion of the affect of growing up in dysfunctional families on emotional health.

  • Part 2 - This second installment looks at the early days of recovery from addiction and the emotions addicts experience. The main focus is helping addicts to avoid relapse by constructively dealing with these feelings.

  • Part 3 - The third installment, entitled "The Role of Grief," focuses on this particularly difficult emotion and how to help newly recovering addicts to deal with in a constructive manner.
  • Part 4 - The fourth installment focuses on another difficult emotion ,anger, and provides some tips to help newly recovering addicts to successfully handle it..

This series originally appeared in RESCUE Magazine, published by the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, September 2000, November 2000, January 2001, and March 2001 issues.

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