Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

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The Wikipedia's article on Enterprise Resource Planning is a good introduction to the subject.

As a form of non-profits, Missions have a number of business processes that are similar to a commercial organisation, eg financials, HR, possibly sales and distribution, depending on the purpose of the organisation. However there can be significant differences. Eg, missions need to process donations rather than sales (in general). Finances are distributed to workers on a different basis.


Some of the main areas that are required for a missions ERP are:

ERP systems in use or development

The Petra system developed by OM woul be classed as a ERP system.

Centrallix is being developed to be an ERP for missions.

Compiere is an open source ERP that is being used by at least one mission. Being a widely used open source system, it benefits from a larger pool of developers than just missions.

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