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Prevention and treatment of diseases is the major purpose of health care practice.To achieve these objectives and to ensure that they are pursued to the greatest extent possible , health workers should improve their knowledge of current problems inherent in the practice of medicine as well as keep a breast of new trends. Healthcare proffessionals can manage and improve the quality of patients care and outcomes by adherering to fundamental techniques in disease prevention and control. We are all one with a common destination , intertwined with a common chain of humanity with knowledge, God's guidance, and effort we will stamp up many incurable diseases that inflict man today.The HIV/AIDS epidemic is a global crisis and constitutes one of the formidable challenges to development and social progress.It is profoundly affecting the social and economic fabric of the societies.The epidemic and its impact strike hardest at vulnarable groups including women and children. Educational forums, seminars,symposiums, conferences,distribution of ARVSand alleviation of puverty and God's word and knowledge remains the most potent weapon to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS infection around the globe.Every practioners knows that the goal of therapy is the management of any infection basically include. .controlling or reducing the replication of the causative microorganism .management and alleviation of any related symptoms. .stimulation of the patients immune system to fight back and prolong the patients life and improve its quality.If these goals are achievable then the mortality and morbidity due to the particular infection can be improved.I know many approaches has been employed in the management of HIV/AIDS some have shown little or no success, several others have had incredibly good results on the patients.With your knowledge, expertise,gifts will help us bring hope to hopeless,improve global health and combat incurable diseases that inflict man today,to light the candle in the dark,to shape the future of these generation that seems to be loosing the sense of directions, to be kind and love disabled, orphaned and lend a hand to those in need. Join us in our sruggle and effort to save these generation from the limbo of sufferance.I magine the world where everybody is a volunteer and willing to be a broteher keeper.

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