Kansas City Rescue Mission

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The Kansas City Rescue Mission was opened by Dr. Jarrett Aycock in 1950. It is currently at 1520 Cherry Street, Kansas City with two buildings including recreational areas, classrooms, and offices. The mission offers help through three avenues, Relief, Recovery, and Re-entry. It is part of the City Mission movement.


Dr. Aycock, previously an alcoholic and gambler, had been helped by Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. He became a Church of the Nazarene evangelist for 32 years, and in 1942, became the Superintendent of the Kansas City District of the denomination. In the first few years the mission relocated several times. In 1962 the mission moved to Walnut Street, where they stayed for 28 years. Late in the 1980's the city bought the building because of renovations in the area. The mission was able to raise enough money to buy their current building, debt free.


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