American University of the Caribbean

Organization Description: 

Interdenominational, Christ centered University located in southern Haiti with programs in Agriculture, Environmental Studies, Languages, Computer Science, and Accounting. There are currently 500 students including degree and non-degree students.

011 509 3485 5523
Organizational Email:
011 509 2286 0140
Unit 2069 MEBLH
Fort Pierce, FL 34946
Mission Statement: 

The American University of the Caribbean operates an Interdenominational, Christ-centered institution of higher education with the mission of training Haitian and other Caribbean students in both liberal arts and sciences and in fields and professions especially applicable in the Caribbean context, through an educational process centered on Christ’s way of truth and love. The University seeks to prepare these students to serve God by serving the people of their communities.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Our statement of Faith, as an interdenominational organization, is best understood through our 6 principles that guide all aspects of the University:

* To recruit and encourage faculty with high standards of excellence in teaching, scholarship, research, personal conduct, and community service. The faculty is central to the University and has a strong voice in University affairs and in upholding the Christ centered University mission.

* To promote truth in all aspects of scholarship, finance, and administration and honesty in personal and professional relations, along with stewardship of all resources. All members of the University community are encouraged to strive towards truth and search for understanding and wisdom. The University community will seek to teach and practice wise use of the resources of the University and stewardship of Gods ‚’ creations.

* To uphold a vibrant community of faculty, staff, and students built on respect of one individual for another, each as equal persons made in the image of God. This necessitates that there be no harassment of women by men or vice versa, or of one race group by another, or of one individual by another, in classrooms, work settings or anywhere on campus. Faculty and staff will be held to the highest standards in behavior towards students, especially those under their guidance or supervisions.

* To stress loving service to others as the prime goal of education. All students are strongly encouraged, and sometimes required for credit, to serve the University and their home community through volunteer work, community projects, and work study through out their years at the University. As students move forward in their accomplishments they will be encouraged to look outside of themselves look to others in need. Laboratory training and apprenticeships in the applied fields of study are available, as well as externships in rural communities.

* To promote growth of a living faith in Christ among all at the University. Discipleship in the Biblical ways of faith, truth, and love will be stressed. The University is interdenominational and promotes respect of individuals of one denomination for those of another, no matter what their beliefs, both in speech and in action. However, forums will be created for all to learn about and question the faith of others.

* To work toward the resolution of the differences and conflicts those occuring among members of the University community with maturity, honesty, and respect, through dialogue. A committee will be established to facilitate this dialogue. Responsibility for one ‚’s actions, a spirit of forgiveness and making amends, and the principles of the University and the Bible, as well as Haitian and International law will guide the decisions of such committee.

The University seeks to develop a community of faculty, students, and staff that are living out these principles as they work and study.

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