Organization Description: 

To share his vision and to work out some strategies for the emancipation and empowerment of the lowest strata of the society more concretely, Mr. BAPUJI SAMUDRALA Invited some like-mined persons and the leaders committed to the promotion of human right and social justice known to him for a meeting that was held on 15-12-1999, at Vanastalipuram, Ranga Reddy District , A.P, reflecting on the vision shared by Mr. BAPUJI SAMUDRALA and reading the above texts in the context of people, the participants numbering about 100 persons from different parts of the country, but mostly form Andhra Pradesh at the meeting deliberated and unanimously deliberated deiced on 15-12-1999, articulates his vision through a movement called Daana Educational Welfare Society as suggested by the Founding father Bro S. BAPUJI himself. It aims at spreading the above ideals among the people and work towards equal status, treatment and opportunities for all in accordance with the constitution on India. It was emphasized the members for this movement must lice and propagate the perspective on human dignity, human rights, social justice etc. found in the Holy Scriptures, Constitution of India and other sources.

MIG-1, Plot No: 508, 3 rd Phase, KPHB Colony,Kukatpally
Hyderabad, 500085
Mission Statement: 

To achieve our Vision, Our Society with the help of Donor Agencies both in and abroad, thrives to initiate discussions, debates, advocacy, and implement awareness progrmmes in human rights, Educational rights, child rights, health and sanitation, economic programmes, Women and girls empowerment programmes, income generating programmes.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The vision of Daana Educational Welfare Society is to create a society which is christian faith,independent, living with dignity, maintaining self respect, self collective decision making and devoid of any exploitation either by rich or upper class among poor and under privileged people.

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