Lifting Up Lives

Organization Description: 

We are a supportive community of participants and volunteers. A community that uses fitness to help individuals build the qualities needed to make positive and permanent life changes. We are a community whose words and actions display an attitude of optimism, commitment and integrity. One that communicates a message of fitness based upon overall well being that starts inside and eventually manifests itself outwardly. Our community seeks to lift up the lives of women as a starting point for lifting up society as a whole. As women's lives change for the better they will begin to influence their children and families in a way that will have a far reaching positive impact on society.

We provide small group workouts several times per week for women in San Francisco who have suffered from abuse. These workouts are designed for women of all fitness levels to build the self-esteem which will enable them to take the actions needed to move toward lives free from abuse.

1175 Howard St
San Francisco, CA 94103
Mission Statement: 

The mission of Lifting Up Lives is to help women who have suffered from abuse create lives filled with hope, happiness and opportunity by involving them in a fitness driven empowerment program that builds self-esteem, confidence and strength.

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