Missionary Upholders Trust (MUT)

Organization Description: 


Missionary Upholders Trust (MUT) was formed in the year 1993 as an off-shoot from Missionary Upholders family (MUF).

The close association of Missionary Upholder family members with their missionary helped them to understand the difficulties faced by the missionaries - mental, emotional and physical. While some of the needs were met by the organisations they represent, the missionaries have to fend for themselves in other areas of need. This necessitated the birth of Missionary Upholders Trust.

The initial focus was on providing calamity relief to bereaved missionary families(IMPACT), Rest houses and medical help.

Additional projects such as: Master health checkup (MHC), , Love Your Brother (LYB), Scheme for Missions Linked to Evangelism & Help (SMILE) and personal development program for missionaries and spouses have been included (Training).


A board of trustees governs the trust. The board is made up of 12 members.

MUT has several projects on the go at any given time and the Board identifies Project Coordinators for every project to oversee, operate and report to the board through the General Coordinator who serves as the link between the board and the Project Coordinators.

MUT area representatives have been established in different parts of the country as well as abroad. They play an important role in making first contacts, disseminate information regarding various projects of MUT and direct enquiries to appropriate project coordinators.

Missionary Upholders Trust is unique in that all the members of the board, office bearers, coordinators and area representatives ‚– function on voluntary basis. Administrative and promotional expenses are met by raising sponsorship support. This ensures that the fund raised under various projects is used entirely for the project expense and not a rupee is spent on administrative or promotional expenses.


82 missionary organisations have become members in MUT-IMPACT with 11,107 missionaries and 19 organisations and around 2000 Christian workers as on 1st June 2009 have joined SMILE, serving in different parts of India.


MUT conducts consultation meetings regularly with churches, mission organizations, missionaries and lay-leaders to deliberate on various mission-related issues, exchange ideas and bring about partnerships in implementing programs. This helps in keeping the focus and maintaining the relevancy of various projects and needs.



Meeting the unmet needs of more than 50000 missionaries and their family members operating under the umbrella of different mission organizations in India.

Christian workers

The focus of MUT is being expanded to include churches, Christian institutions, organisations and associations to provide assistance to the Christian workers there.

Mission Agencies and other Christian organizations

Networking among missions churches and other Christian organisations to enable them share & care for one another. Having frequent consultations with Leaders of Mission and other Christian organisations to enhance awareness on member-care


Creating awareness and challenging the Christian Churches to care for missionaries.

Mission supporters

Creating openings for voluntary service, sacrificial giving and intercessory prayers.

M36/18, Nambikai Nagar
Tamilnadu, 624619
Mission Statement: 


Meet some of the common unmet needs of missionaries, at a cost affordable by them, working beyond all man-made boundaries, in a spirit of Christian love.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 


God ‚’s work, done by God ‚’s people, in God ‚’s way with God ‚’s money will never lack God ‚’s blessings

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