Organization Description: 

Phoenix Business Management Academy is a Social Enterprise
(which is a Community Interest Company, not-for-profit organization)
registered as a company limited by guarantee in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to provide the local community with complete Training and Development projects needed to get people back to work eithe UK or Developing countries around the world. However, If you are at work we will be focusing on your professional development : such as work base training requirements to improve your skills, knowledge & understanding of working environment.

Organizational Email:
54 Blue unit braodway Plaza
Birmingham, b16 8su
Mission Statement: 


“With respect for cultures and the needs of communities, Phoenix Business Management Academy provides quality educational programs and professional training services, which enable adults to continue their education, to improve their employment opportunities, and to enhance their quality of life.”

“ building community capacity, skills and training and access to employment,
especially within growing and emerging sectors which will experience increasing
employment potential through ongoing regeneration both within and outside the
target area;”


Phoenix Business Management Academy will be recognised as a first-choice community-based Business academy with the most accessible programs and services in UK


To achieve our mission and vision, we share values that guide our practices and behaviours. We believe in:
• LEARNING: Lifelong learning is essential to the growth of individuals, families, communities, and organizations.
• PARTNERSHIP: Working together with community, business and educational partners is fundamental to the success of our learners and our Academy.
• RESPECT: Adults are entitled to learning services that respect their culture, abilities and circumstances. Phoenix Business Management Academy values the celebration of our people’s history, cultures, and languages.
• SUCCESS: Adults will succeed in their learning, employment, and personal endeavours when provided with accessible and effective educational services and supports.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

earning Outcomes

The Board of Governors of Phoenix Business Management Academy expects all learners to develop essential knowledge and skills for employment, lifelong learning and an enhanced quality of life. In a manner appropriate to their programs, all graduates are expected to demonstrate effectively:

o communicate
o solve problems
o work with others
o manage projects and tasks
o manage responsibilities
o demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours
Create Progression Routes Into Learning

Encourage the expansion of alternative curriculum delivery at age 19 -60 and ensure vocational programmes meet the labour market needs
Support employers to offer opportunities to the workforce to continue and/or return to learning to enhance skills
Encourage use of 'E-pals' from Work Experience placements and Business Mentors through 'Business in the Community' initiatives
Provide access to the 'Community Grid for Learning'
Add support to adult learning initiatives in community centres, Further Education and Higher Education sectors through the Widening Participation initiatives
Remove Barriers To Learning
We aim to bring learning to the learners by:
Developing Family Learning Programmes
Supporting the work of the learning skills council and DFE
Exploring alternative modes of learning, particularly in the implementation of the 19 -30 vocational curriculum Ensuring access to the 'Community Grid for Learning'
Promoting use of 'The People's Network' and Netlinc to access libraries, Cultural Services and Heritage Sites

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