Ruel Foundation

Organization Description: 

? To operate a residential home to accommodate the targeted children, providing a Christ-centered loving environment, with food, clothing, shelter and medical assistance. ? To intervene in the lives of young children and infants in risk in crisis situations, especially the malnourished, bringing healing and hope. ? To recover the health of the targeted children (those physical deformities and/or malnourishment) enabling them to reach their life?s potential. ? To facilitate the long-term security and future of these children through appropriate placement in a family unit, either rehabilitating them into their original family unit, or where this is not possible, into another family unit through the process of adoption. ? To be change agents ? liaising with the family of origin wherever possible, facilitating, encouraging and educating them with strategies to alleviate and prevent a recurrence of the crisis situation thus ensuring the successful rehabilitation of the child into his/her family. ? To uphold the name of Jesus in all aspects of the Ruel Foundation, bringing contact families into an awareness of Jesus saving grace.

Brgy. Masipit
Calapan City, 5200
Mission Statement: 

To provide short and long term care to infants and children in crisis situations, where they have been orphaned or abandoned, or where their health and life expectancy are in serious jeopardy where their families, due to their circumstances of poverty or other cultural factors are unable to provide for them.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Bringing healing, hope and future to disadvantaged children

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