Unique Light Foundation

Organization Description: 

Unique Light Foundation is a Charitable Non-Governmental organization registered in Ghana. The Foundation believes that, general exclusion, poverty and discrimination should not create barrier for the achievement of full potentials of people with visual impairment. The organization envisions a society where there is equal opportunities and inclusion for all persons with visual impairment in Ghana. ULF believes that disability is not inability; if persons with disabilities have equal opportunities, rights and privileges, they will contribute meaningfully to national development. ULF is aimed at working to improve general condition of persons with visual impairment and empower their families in Ghana. The primary object of the organization include; Advocacy in the area of Inclusive Education, Human Rights, Economic empowerment, Women empowerment, Research, Educational scholarship, Vocational training and Community sensitization. Currently ULF is constructing Inclusive Education unit in a hard-to-reach community. Achievements; Educational sponsorship to 10 students, Screen over 4000 pupils in the basic schools, Community sensitization in four communities and construction of a modern school building all at Kasoa

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Accra North, GU 8862
Mission Statement: 

To form partnership with parents, organizations and stakeholders that will ensure full inclusion of children and youth who are low vision or visually impaired, by advocating for their rights and needs and providing leadership, rehabilitation services, education and other support to assist in helping children with visual impairment reach their maximum potential.

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