Victim Protection

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This program is for the crime victims safety, it is primarily for those victims of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assaults, and it can be used for any crime victim that has been harassed, intimidated or threatened with serious injury or possible loss of life. This program is provided at no cost to the victim!

This program provides specially trained protection people working in 2 person teams. They are in plain clothes and armed with concealed weapons to give a low profile protection detail, this reduces the ability of the perpetrator to have knowledge of the protection team and be able to attack them first. These teams are not enforcement oriented; they are simply tasked with protecting the individual they are assigned to, they will report crimes they see to law enforcement. We use techniques for protecting our clients that have been utilized around the world in protecting executives and have been proven to be very affective, even in the most hostile areas.

The program is for the victim or anyone that is associated with them that could be in danger. The assignment will come from an advocate or a law enforcement agency when they determine there is a need for protection for the victim or an associated party when a crime incident has occurred. Once we have been notified, we will meet with the victim and an advocate to do a full risk/threat assessment. We will then tailor make a protection plan for them and implement it to keep the protected party(s) safe through out the entire time of the legal process or it is determined that they are no longer in danger.

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