Wesley Evening Food Pantry

Organization Description: 

Dates: We accept groups once a month during food distribution week (the third Thursday of the month).
•April 16-20 2012
•May 14-18 2012
•June 18-22 2012
•July 16-20 2012
•August 13-17 2012

1203 w. Green
Urbana, IL 61801
Mission Statement: 

The ultimate goal of the Wesley Evening Food Pantry is for everyone in our community to be food secure--resulting in no need for the pantry. We realize one food pantry cannot attain this goal in one year, but we have identified the following objectives to help us make progress toward that goal for our particular clients.

·To provide a week’s worth of food to assist people through the end of the month when paychecks and Food Stamps may be low;

·To schedule the food pantry in the evening to accommodate work and school responsibilities;

·To respect self-determination as participants select their own food choices that match their family’s needs;

· To provide regular resource centers of information, referral, and health consultation;

· To train volunteers regarding both procedures and the operational values of respect, access, and choice; and

·To address the root causes of food insecurity for our particular set of clients.

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