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Communications tools include Email, Satellite Communications, HF Wireless Communications, Wireless Networking, VOIP, etc.

How are Communication tools used in Missions?

Email is used primarily for keeping the remote people in touch with the home office and the support team. Prayer requests, prayerletters, mission updates, financial status of projects, and coordination of movement is all done via email. Email is also heavily used by local missionary teams, helping them work together. SatPhones are used in a number of locations where regular phone lines do not reach. A great tool for optimizing your satelite time by compressing emails is produced by UUPlus.

Issues with Communication Tools

Cost is usually the biggest, both with capital costs and ongoing. Eg Satellite is very expensive.

Training is another factor. Some of these are difficult to set up and maintain.


Voice over IP is becoming more common, especially in places with good internet connectivity and expensive phone calls.


  • Skype is being used a lot, especially since it encrypts calls, and now it also allows calls 'off net', ie to normal phones. Skype Security is an issue. Can we trust Skype everywhere?
  • Vonage is also in reasonably wide usage.
  • iConnectHere has been mentioned by one mission.
  • At least one mission (SGM) uses OpenPhone for VOIP on their VPN.
  • Teamspeak is a great tool for consultants or a one-time communication. Sideros and MissionaryTechSupport.com has a teamspeak server available for this use.
  • Many people use Asterisk.

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