After-school Kindergarten Manual (Jessica Booker 09-10)

 Member Name: Jessica Booker

Service Site: Here's Life Inner City/Redeemer Community Partnership

Site Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description:

This extremely detailed 102-page manual is a complete guide to teaching Kindergarten with a literacy focus at any after-school program.  Jessica Booker's manual comprehensively breaks down two semester's worth of lesson plans, basic phonics, discipline techniques, and covers important topics such as cross-cultural sensitivity and teacher self-care.  This resource provides everything an intern could need to bring strong structure to a Kindergarten class.


Table of Contents

 Project Proposal 3
 Dedication 4
 Adventures Ahead 5
 Academic Component: Literacy Focus 6
 Kindergarten Standards in Language Arts 8
 Semester 1 & 2 Lesson Plans 10 
 Phonemic Awareness & Phonics  27
 Reading Skills Pyramid 28
 Sample Book List 29
 Computer Technology 30
 My Name 31
 Sample Daily Schedule 32
 Classroom Schedule Components 33
 Classroom Aesthetics 37
 Discipline 38
 Attention Getters 40
 Social & Psychological Development 41
 Cross-Cultural Sensitivity 46
 Teacher Self-Care 50
 Appendix A: Winning Phonemic Awareness Packet 54
 Appendix B: Behavior Contract 87
 Appendix C: Cultural Perspectives 88
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