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Alice Mildred Cable  (21 February 1878-30 April 1952) was born in Guildford, she was a British Protestant Christian missionary in China. She served with the China Inland Mission.

After over 20 years of missionary service in Huozhou, Shanxi, when they were certainly no longer young, Mildred together with Francesca French, and Evangeline French travelled throughout Gansu and Xinjiang. They became known together as the "trio".

In 1923 the trio went to Kanchow, travelling on the Silk Road and evangelizing as they went. Kanchow was the last city inside of the Great Wall, a Chinese evangelist was already working there, and at his request they set up a Bible school over the winter. When summer came they were on the road again, this time with some of the Chinese believers that they had trained. This time they went past the great wall, all throughout the Gobi Desert, selling Bibles and other Christian literature, and sharing the good news of Jesus.

In the words of Mildred Cable: "From Etzingol to Turfan, from Spring of Wine to Chuguchak, we ... spent long years in following trade-routes, tracing faint caravan tracks, searching out innumerable by-paths and exploring the most hidden oases. ... Five times we traversed the whole length of the desert, and in the process we had become part of its life" [1]



The majority of these titles were written together with Francesca French

  • Mother India's daughters: An Impression, London: Page & Thomas, (189-?)
  • Something Happened, Hodder and Stoughton (1933)
  • A Desert journal: Letter from Central Asia (1934)
  • Ambassadors for Christ (1935)
  • Toward Spiritual Maturity: A Handbook for Those Who Seek It (1939)
  • A Parable of Jade (1940)
  • The Gobi Desert (1942)
  • Wall of Spears: The Gobi Desert (1951)
  • Important to Motorists (1935)
  • The Book which Demands a Verdict (1946)
  • George Hunter Apostle of Turkestan (1948)
  • The Red Lama (1927)
  • Journey With A Purpose, Hodder & Stoughton (1950)
  • Grace, Child of the Gobi (1949)
  • The Story of Topsy; Little Lonely of Central Asia (1947)
  • Dispatches from North-west Kansu (1925)
  • China. Her Life and Her People (1946)
  • Why Not the World? The story of the work of God through the Bible Society, London: The British and Foreign Bible Society (1952)
  • A Woman Who Laughed: Henrietta Soltau who laughed at impossibilities and cried 'It shall be done' London: The China Inland Mission (1934)
  • The Challenge of Central Asia a brief survey of Tibet and its Borderlands, Mongolia, north-west Kansu, Chinese Turkistan, and Russian Central Asia, London ; New York : World Dominion Press (1929)
  • The Bible in mission lands, Fleming H Revell Co (1947)
  • The Making of a Pioneer. Percy Mather of Central Asia (1935)
  • "Come, follow" : the call to service, London : Inter-Vanity Fellowship of Evangelical Unions, (1937)
  • The needed gesture to the Church in China, London: World Dominion Press, (1927)
  • The Bible in the world, London: Bible Reading Fellowship (1947)
  • Powers of darkness: being a record of some observations in demonology (1920)
  • Fulfilment of a dream of Pastor Hsi's: the story of the work in Hwochow (1917)
  • With the Bible in Central Asia, London : British and Foreign Bible Society, (1937)
  • Towards Spiritual Maturity - A Book For Those Who Seek It (1939)
  • What it Means to be a Christian (1950)



  • W. J. Platt, Three Women: Mildred Cable, Francesca French, Evangeline French: The Authorized Biography (1964).
  • Cecil Northcott, Star Over Gobi: The Story of Mildred Cable


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