Behavior Modification (Shasta Cole 08-09)

Member Name: Shasta Cole

Service Site: Breakthrough Urban Ministries

Site Location: Chicago, IL

Project Description:

Students with attitude problems can disrupt a safe and supportive learning environment.  In this project, Shasta Cole proposed to carry out behavior modification in aggressive by taking 5-10 minutes before homework time to introduce a weekly concept in emotional or social development to the kids.  These were statements following the theme of "I'm Committed To . . ."  Shasta noticed that even spending a little time on a concept as well as reinforcing it promoted positive behavior changes in her students.

Attached are Shasta's PowerPoint presentation, detailing her methods for behavior modification as well as a sample lesson plan for a week, and an Excel sheet of Shasta's full list of "I'm Committed To . . ." concepts.

Behavior Modification for wiki.ppt364.5 KB
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