Blogs and RSS resources

Understanding Blogs and RSS

Blogging for Change by Rebecca MacKinnon
An overview containing links to nonprofit/activist weblogs, tools, and information about the ways in which a weblog can help your organization.

An Introduction to Weblogs by Sarah Hawkins
This TechSoup article provides a starting place for thinking about weblogs for nonprofit leaders.

Wikipedia Entry: Weblog
Wikipedia, the free, community developed encyclopedia, gives a basic definition of weblogs.

Wikipedia Entry: RSS
Wikipeida, the free, community developed encyclopedia, gives a basic definition of weblogs.

FaganFinder's All About RSS
A comprehensive guide and tutorial regarding RSS and other types of web feeds.

Doc Searls' closing keynote at Les Blogs 2004
How do we define blogs? What they are matters.

So, you wanna start a blog?
An 11 step guide to getting your weblog going.

Organizational Use of Weblogs

Nonprofit Weblogs
This Omidyar workspace page contains an editable list of nonprofit weblogs arranged by service area.

Big MediaMeets the Bloggers: Coverage of Trent Lott's Remarks at Strom Thurmond's Birthday Party
This case study, from Harvard's Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, examines the role that weblogs played in Trent Lott's decision to step down from the role of Senate majority leader.

Weblog Tools Market: Update February 2005
A weblog entry uses Google as a proxy to determine the relative penetration of various weblog tools.

Blog Software Breakdown
A resource to use as a starting point in determining which weblog software to use.

Blogdissecting (Anatomy of a Weblog)
A tour through some of the typical parts of a weblog.

Organizational Use of RSS

A list of feed readers from Harvard Law School.

A Nonprofit Guide to Getting Started with RSS
An evolving guide of practical tips and suggestions for using RSS in your organization.

Lazy Person's Guide to Becoming a NewsMaster
A series providing tips for using information tools to maximum benefit.

10 Reasons Nonprofits Should Use RSS
What RSS can do for your organization.

Non-profits: are blogs better than websites?
Why should you go with a blog rather than a brochure-ware website?

What is all this blog stuff? And why should I care?
By Ruby Sinreich and Brian Russell for the RTPNet Conference, 2005.

This resource originally developed for 2005 NTC conference session
Blogs and RSS: Why the heck should you care




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