Bringing a School to Life in Haiti

Bringing a School to Life in Haiti In a remote village in Haiti called Coco Lester, a family of six felt compelled to help the children who lived among the poorest of the poor. They began by cleaning some land in a dense area and building a makeshift pavilion. They gathered some adults who shared the same dream and called them teachers. A rusted bell rang out and children from ages 3 to 18 came in numbers. As emotions overwhelmed them, they named the school the All the Children Are Children School. That was seven years ago. Today the children are still coming in record numbers. Presently, up to 300 children attend school each day in a one-room building that was meant to hold 25 to 30 children. The remaining children stay underneath nearby trees if weather permits. In the Bible, Jesus took five small barley leaves and two small fish and after he gave thanks he fed thousands. We believe Jesus continues to use small things for great rewards just as he uses us to bless others. Since 2003, ATCAC has been a 501©(3) nonprofit organization that helps educate, feed and sponsor children to become self-sufficient and contributing members of society. All the Children Are Children is a nonprofit 501(c)3) public charity that provide basic education and work skills training to orphaned and disadvantaged children of Haiti. Actually we just started the construction of an indoor facility call the Hope Center program in Haiti. This facility will assist in the growth of our mission to provide for individuals in rural, impoverished areas, especially women and children, with skills training and health education. All the Children Are Children, Inc.'s main focus is on providing economic development centers in areas that most need the service of our organization. In the village of Lester, Coco 300 students are seeking a place to learn and grow. Presently, these children attend their classes in a one room pavilion that was meant to 20 to 30 students. The remaining students old cjasses outside, if weather permits. The demand for school attendance has been unfulfilled due to limited space and school funds. Our organization provide the teaching staff, meal and facility cost for the students though contributions, community fundraising, donated services and grants from organizations.

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