Intro to Internet

Lesson 2: Navigating the World Wide Web


  1. Review e-mail briefly
    1. Ask how the homework was: What problems did people encounter? What questions do they have?
    2. Have everyone open Internet Explorer.
    3. Log into e-mail accounts.
    4. Check messages.
    5. Send an e-mail to your neighbor telling them something you’d like to find more information about: people, places, travel, events, etc.
  2. Open second Internet window to look up Key West.
    1. Set-up: Grandma just moved there, want to find out what it’s like. Find out it’s a happening vacation spot. Want to visit.
    2. Yahoo! Search for “Key West”
    3. Look at “Web Sites.” Explain difference between “Web Categories” & “Web Sites.”
    4. Choose “Discover Key West” ( or “Florida Keys & Key West” (
    5. Practice clicking around.
    6. How do we go back to Yahoo Search Results?
    7. Now look at Yahoo Travel Guide: Check out best time of the year to go… Check weather… “Records and Averages.”
    8. Book Your Trip! Note: You need a credit card to book a flight on-line!
  3. Open Search time—Have a student pick a topic to look up (topic of your neighbor from earlier e-mail). Have everyone look it up together and find information about it.
  4. Open time for questions and self-study.
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