Community Internet Café Application/Information Form

Community Internet Café Application/Information Form


Name of Ministry:


Name of contact person:


Office held by contact person:




Phone:                            Mobile:                                 Fax No.:


Email:                             Website:


Are you a member of or affiliated with the Philippines Missions Association?


How long has this ministry been in existence?


How long has this ministry been ministering to Muslims?


Where are you ministering? To which people group?


Are you involved in a church-planting partnership?   Which one?


What is your understanding of the ‘digital divide” and the role of information technology in Christian ministry?


Do you have at least P75,000 to cover initial set-up expenses ? (enclose bank statements)


Are you able to supply basic logistics needed including at least one qualified computer person to maintain the icafes?


Do you have access to a secure, clean location with a telephone line, preferably on the second floor of a building with a security guard outside.


Are you entrepreneurial in outlook with an obvious determination to succeed? Give examples.


Are you willing to acquire skills in entrepreneurship, and small business operation?


Please attach your statement of faith, and copies of your basic ministry documents and brochures and SEC registration.


Please also attach copies of your externally audited financial statements for the past two years.


Have you read the document: Enquiry Sheet For Getting An AIBI Internet Café and do you fully understand and agree with its contents?


Have you read the document The Asian Internet Bible Institute – WIN-Philippines Vision For Using Internet Cafes As A Means Of Sending Filipino Missionaries Into Unreached People Groups In Asia and do you fully understand and agree with its contents?


Do you agree to send the staff who will work in the Community Internet Café to the 3 week training course in Baguio and to pay the reasonable expenses associated with this training?


Do you agree to participate as a member of a network of similar CIC’s and to attend an annual conference of Community Internet Cafes.

Are you willing to undertake a franchise agreement with the AIBI board and be accountable for operation of the Community Internet Café?


Please post this form to:

Pastor Bob Lopez

Philippines Missions Association

30 Kapalaran St.



For enquires about this form  – email John Edmiston at


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