Computer Centers in Developing Countries

Computer Centers in Developing Countries


TechMission’s AC4 has over 100 members in developing countries. We have found two models that work particularly well for computer centers in developing countries: for-fee Cybercafés and Computer Training Centers.


Cybercafés (For-fee Internet Access Centers)

For-fee cybercafés provide Internet access in developing countries while charging customers a nominal fee. Because the cost of Internet in most developing countries is significant and the demand is high, most cybercafés in developing countries will charge a fee for Internet access. The Asian Internet Bible Institute has worked out a replicable model of cybercafés in developing countries.


Computer Training Program for Jobs

Another popular model for computer centers in developing countries are those that focus on providing training in computer and technology skills needed for jobs. Oasis International has developed a successful, replicable model training program called Net2Work that has trained over 1,200 participants with a 50% job placement rate.

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