Computer Curricula (Jonathan Moy 07-08)

Member Name: Jonathan Moy

Service Site: Pui Tak Center

Site Location: Chicago, IL

Project Description: Jonathan Moy's year-long replicable project focuses on introductory computer curricula for elementary students. Jonathan created and implemented three separate curricula, targeting different grade levels (grades 1-2, grades 3-4, grades 5-6)

Each curriculum is formed around a weekly 45-minute class and can be applied to Windows PC's. Topics include:

  • Using e-mail
  • Internet Safety Training
  • inserting clip art
  • fonts and printing
  • Using USB drives
  • creating folders as well as dragging and dropping
  • Introduction to CD care and typing
  • Saving and naming files

The curricula also includes:

  • a listing of assessments
  • example worksheets

Also included is a skills chart that summarizes basic skill distribution of the lesson plans.

1st & 2nd Grd Cmptr Curr.doc92.5 KB
3th & 4th Grd Cmptr Curr.doc825.5 KB
5th & 6th Grd Cmptr Curr.doc829 KB
Copy of Computer Skills Chart.xls28.5 KB


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