Technology Curriulum Resources

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Youth Computer Training

Introduction to Computers

Intro to Computers is for students with little or no computer experience. It is taught in eight class periods of two hours each and includes an Instructor Guide and Student Manual.

Introduction to the Internet and World-Wide Web

Intro to the Internet and Web gives students basic e-mail and web surfing skills. It is taught in two class periods, two hours each. Below are lesson plans for teaching navigation in the first class and e-mail in the second class, as well as doing it in the opposite order.


Typing introduces students to Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, as well as pointing out important key commands. It is taught in two two-hour classes during which much time is given to students to practice typing on their own. Below are the handouts PREP has used.

  • Class 1 Tips
  • Class 2 Tips (Important Keys)
  • Using Mavis Beacon
  • Free Typing Test: Very helpful for judging typing speed. Unfortunately, also contains lots of advertisements.
  • Typing: This is an excellent tool for teaching typing, especially to elementary students. The cartoon characters and noises keep students engaged. The only downside is that students cannot track their progress or take quizzes and tests.
  • Letter Chase Typing Tutor: Letter Chase Typing Tutor for Windows is a complete typing program for all levels. Letter Chase touch typing software runs on all versions of Windows and works on a network.

Overview of Computers and Microsoft Word for New Users

This class is designed to follow the 2-week "Introduction to Computers" class and is geared toward students that have never used computers before. It goes through learning about computers, exploring basic word processing, spreadsheets and the Internet.

Intermediate Microsoft Word (2002)

This is a basic level class that is designed to follow the Overview class. It incorporates elements from the Introduction to Word class.

Introduction to Microsoft Word (2001)

Intro to Word teaches basic word-processing skills to students who have finished Intro to Computers, or its equivalent. It is taught in six two-hour sessions.

Introduction to Microsoft Word (2002)

This is an updated version of the 2001 course.

Advanced Microsoft Word (2001)

Advanced Microsoft Word follows the Intro to Word course. It teaches a variety of higher-level skills in eight two-hour classes.

Advanced Microsoft Word (2002)

Advanced Microsoft Word follows the Intro to Word course. It teaches a variety of higher-level skills in eight two-hour classes.

Introduction to PowerPoint

This is a 4-hr course designed to cover the basics of how to make presentations using MS PowerPoint.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Intro to Excel teaches basic Excel and spreadsheet skills to students who have completed Intro to Microsoft Word or its equivalent. It is taught in six two-hour sessions.


Entrepreneurship, a.k.a. Start Your Own Business, has been taught for both youth and adults. Below are lesson plans and presentations from the adult version. The class is taught in six two-hour sessions.


Databases is taught in eight two-hour sessions that focus on Microsoft Access. Below is a brief course given during a two-hour workshop by the same instructor as well as a highly recommended curriculum resource.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design teaches principles of design, Microsoft Publisher and some Adobe Photoshop in eight two-hour sessions. Below are class outlines, general help sheets, and examples used in the class.


This is a second Graphic Design course that focuses specifically on Adobe Photoshop. The following files are in .zip format.

Web Page Design

Web Page Design classes at PREP have taught both Microsoft FrontPage and HTML at an introductory level in six or eight two-hour classes. Below are selected notes on HTML.

Java Programming

The Java Programming course assumes some previous programming experience, but goes into detail on the Java programming language and gives you tools to design and implement your own programs.

Job Training

Course provides training on resume development, interview skills, and work etiquette/soft skills to prepare students for office positions.


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