Disaster recovery

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It is wise to have plans in place in case of a disaster in the place where your people work. A good backup strategy is not enough. If your office burnt to the ground then how long would it take before everything was up and running again and you had somewhere to restore your backups to?

Things to consider are:

  • How long could would you be out of action for if you didn't take the measures suggested below, and is this time unacceptable?
  • Having standby servers in another location with the same software/operating system installed as your main servers, and with compatible tape drives if you are using tape backup.
  • Having an agreement with a nearby sympathetic organisation that you could use one of their servers if you needed to, or they keep one of your standby servers in their office.
  • If the Email system went down, do you have a fallback method - web access to email for example?
  • Similarly for any phone equipment.
  • If you have staff working in potentially dangerous countries, how do they contact you if your phones or email go down?

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