Empowering Our Parents (Diana Cadalbert 09-10)

Member Name: Diana Cadalbert

Service Site: Si Se Puede/La Villita

Site Location: Chicago, IL

Project Description:

During her time at Si Se Puede Diana Cadalbert became more aware of the reality of parental influence on a child's social and intellectual growth.  Realizing that parental involvement is necessary for after-school students to succeed, Diana and the other volunteers at Si Se Puede decided to move their after-school tutoring program towards a direction that involved parents by providing support and resources.  They instituted monthly parent classes and bi-weekly "literacy bags," take home educational activities that the parents could do with their child.

The attached zip file contains folders providing the "how-to" information necessary for parent classes and literacy bags, the two main elements Si Se Puede has implemented in its program, and one folder with several articles on the topic of parental involvement.  Diana's PowerPoint presentation explores the reasons why parental involvement is important and suggests other ways to reach parents.

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