Enquiry Sheet For Getting A Community Internet Cafe

Enquiry Sheet For Getting A Community Internet Cafe


The Requirements

Your ministry must:

  1. Be a member of the Philippines Missions Association or known to it and approved by it.

  2. Be currently involved in ministering to unreached people groups, preferably Muslims.

  3. Be able to supply basic logistics needed including at least one qualified computer person to maintain the icafes.

  4. Have access to a secure, clean location with access to DSL or satellite for high-speed Internet, preferably on the second floor of a building with a security guard outside.

  5. Have P75,000+ in start-up capital to carry the project in its initial 3 months.

  6. Be entrepreneurial in outlook with an obvious determination to succeed.

  7. Willing to undertake a franchise agreement with the CIC partnership and be accountable for operation of the Community Internet Café.

Your ministry preferably:

  1. Will be known to CIC partnership members and have been in existence for at least two years.

  2. Will be a member of a partnership group focused on UPG’s in the Philippines.

  3. Will understand IT and the value of bridging the digital divide.

  4. Be willing to acquire skills in entrepreneurship, and small business operation.

The Process

    • Get to know us at the CIC partnership, read the manual, understand the vision, develop a relationship.

    • Send us a two-page outline of your vision for the icafe in your area. Include copies of your PMA and SEC registration and a statement of beliefs.

    • Visit a CIC partnership meeting and introduce yourself and your vision. Get approved.

    • Work with us as we bring the computers into the country, be part of the process.

    • Meet the other agencies involved and form a partnership.

    • Recruit your people for the icafe, send them to the AIBI I-Café orientation course in Baguio for training in Islamics, computing and small business skills.

    • Set up the building and the logistics for the icafe.

    • Get computers, install, check, etc.

We are looking for people we can trust; share a vision with and whom we can work with to see God’s Kingdom grow. We are looking to work with bible-believing, born-again Great Commission Christians with a vision for the potential for IT in missions and a heart for Muslims. You can be evangelical, charismatic or Pentecostal, that’s fine with us.

We are glad to work with people who have demonstrated financial integrity and we like realistic practical people who are diligently applying themselves to the work of God.

We will mainly operate by invitation rather than by selection. We will take our time to get to know you first. This is not an “application process” as normally understood. Rather it’s a building of a working fellowship in mission.


Blessings in Christ Jesus!

John Edmiston
Cell: 0918 411 2311
E-mail: johned@aibi.ph  
WWW:  http://www.aibi.ph

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