Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents

Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents: Reporters without Borders


The attached 46-page handbook contains:

- What's a Blog?

- "Bloggers, the New Heralds of Free Expression" (Julien Pain)

- "The Language of Blogging" (Pointblog.com)

- "Choosing the Best Tool" (Cyril Fievet and Marc-Olivier Peyer)

- "How to Set up and Run a Blog" (The Civiblog system)

- "What Ethics Should Bloggers Have?" (Dan Gillmor)

- "Getting Your Blog Picked up by Search Engines" (Olivier Andrieu)

- "What Really Makes a Blog Shine?" (Mark Glaser)

- "How to Blog Anonymously" (Ethan Zuckerman)

- "Technical Ways to Get Round Censorship" (Nart Villeneuve)

- "Ensuring your E-mail is Truly Private" (Ludovic Pierrat)

- "Internet-Centor World Championship" (Julien Pain)

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