Heart: Cause, People, Role


Instructions: Step One

If you are like most people, you have never taken time to sort out and identify the things you are good at and things that motivate you. Doing so will help you be as effective as you can be in service to our Lord. One key to understanding your heartbeat is to look at your past accomplishments.


 To Do:

In the following areas, list the things that you enjoyed doing and did well (accomplishments), not simply pleasant experiences. Focus only on the highlights.


Examples: “I put on plays for the neighborhood kids with costumes, props, etc. We transformed the shed in the back of our house into a fairyland with lighting effects, decorations and princesses.”

“I started a Kool-Aid stand in the fourth grade and expanded it into three different stands. It was fun and I made money!”

“I had a job as a printer’s assistant and developed a method of cutting stereotypes which was faster and more accurate.”

“I ran for president and won sometimes when I was in school.”

“I have always liked to build things. Before I got married, I remodeled the kitchen of the little apartment I was living in.”


The Things I Did Well and Enjoyed Doing:

During My Grade School Years…



As a Junior High and High School Student…




In My College or Early Career Days (20’s)




In My “Thirty Something” Years




Up to the Present




Instructions: Step Two

After completing the above lists, consider the three directions of your heart or passion:

  • a passion for a role (what you like to do);
  • a passion for specific people (whom you like to help); and
  • a passion for a cause (what you would like to see advanced).

Using your list of accomplishments, look for common motivational threads. You might find a key phrase or concept that is repeated. See if you can match your accomplishments and highlights with the “heartbeat” words listed below.


 To Do:

Step 1 - Circle 3 of the following Causes

My Passion for a Cause: I get excited about…

SHAPE area Category Specific Description

Heart Cause Abuse/Violence

Heart Cause Alcoholic Marriage

Heart Cause Animals

Heart Cause At-Risk Children

Heart Cause Bible Study

Heart Cause Blindness

Heart Cause Business and the Economy

Heart Cause Community/Neighborhood Issues

Heart Cause Compulsive Behavior Recovery

Heart Cause Deafness

Heart Cause Defense of the Faith

Heart Cause Depression

Heart Cause Disabilities and/or Support

Heart Cause Divorce Recovery

Heart Cause Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Heart Cause Education

Heart Cause Elderly Services

Heart Cause Environment

Heart Cause Ethics

Heart Cause Evangelism

Heart Cause Families/Marriage

Heart Cause Fellowship

Heart Cause Financial Management

Heart Cause Governmental Issues

Heart Cause Health and/or Fitness

Heart Cause Homelessness

Heart Cause Illiteracy

Heart Cause Illness and/or Injury

Heart Cause International and Global Affairs

Heart Cause Law and/or Justice System

Heart Cause Local Evangelism

Heart Cause Mobilize for Ministry

Heart Cause Parenting

Heart Cause Policy and/or Politics

Heart Cause Race

Heart Cause Regional, State or Federal Issues

Heart Cause Relief Efforts

Heart Cause Remarriage

Heart Cause Safety

Heart Cause Sanctity of Life

Heart Cause Science and/or Technology

Heart Cause Serving Ministry

Heart Cause Sexuality and/or Gender Issues

Heart Cause Spiritual Growth

Heart Cause World Evangelization

Heart Cause Worship


Step 2 - Circle 3 of the following People

My Passion for People: I love to be or work with…

SHAPE area Category Specific Description

Heart People Adults

Heart People Adult Children of Alcoholics

Heart People College/Career

Heart People Committed Christians

Heart People Co-workers

Heart People Elementary Children

Heart People Families

Heart People Handicapped People

Heart People High School Students

Heart People Ill Adults

Heart People Ill Children

Heart People Infants/Babies

Heart People Junior High Students

Heart People Married Couples

Heart People Men

Heart People Middle-Aged Adults

Heart People Military Personnel

Heart People Missionaries

Heart People Non-Christians (non-believers)

Heart People Pre-Marrieds

Heart People Preschool Children

Heart People Senior Adults

Heart People Single Adults

Heart People Toddlers

Heart People Widows

Heart People Women

Heart People Women in Abusive Marriages

Heart People Women in Alcoholic Marriages

Heart People Women w/ Non-believing Husbands

Heart People Young Adults

Heart People Young Marrieds

Heart People Young Men

Heart People Young women


Step 3 - Circle 3 of the following Roles that best describe you.

My Passion For A Role: I Love To...

SHAPE area Category Specific Description Definition

Heart Role Acquire/Possess shop, collect, or obtain things. I enjoy getting the highest quality for the best price.

Heart Role Bargain/Negotiate negotiate the terms of an agreement, as to sell or exchange

Heart Role Build form by combining materials or parts; construct

Heart Role Challenge summon to action, effort, or use; stimulate

Heart Role Coach train or tutor or to act as a trainer or tutor

Heart Role Defend (Apologetics) support or maintain, as by argument or action; justify

Heart Role Design and Develop make something out of nothing. I enjoy getting something started from scratch.

Heart Role Discipleship embracing and assisting in the development of another believer in Christ

Heart Role Encourage inspire with hope, courage, or confidence; hearten

Heart Role Evangelize preaching and dissemination of the Gospel, as through missionary work

Heart Role Excel be the best and make my team the best. I enjoy setting and attaining the highest standard.

Heart Role Facilitate make easy or easier

Heart Role Follow the Rules operate by policies and procedures. I enjoy meeting the expectations of an organization or boss.

Heart Role Help/Serve assist others in their responsibility. I enjoy helping others succeed.

Heart Role Improve make things better. I enjoy taking something that someone else has designed or started and improve it.

Heart Role Influence convert people to my way of thinking. I enjoy shaping the attitudes and behaviors of others.

Heart Role Lead and Be in Charge lead the way, oversee and supervise. I enjoy determining how things will be done.

Heart Role Mentor serve as a trusted counselor or teacher to another

Heart Role Operate/Maintain efficiently maintain some things that are already organized.

Heart Role Organize bring order out of chaos. I enjoy organizing something that is already started.

Heart Role Perform be on stage and receive the attention of others. I enjoy being in the limelight.

Heart Role Persevere see things to completion. I enjoy persisting at something until it is finished.

Heart Role Pioneer test out and try new concepts. I am not afraid to risk failure.

Heart Role Prevail fight for what is right and oppose what is wrong. I enjoy overcoming injustice.

Heart Role Repair fix what is broken or change what is out of date.

Heart Role Study pursuit of knowledge, as by reading, observation, or research

Heart Role Support act in a secondary or subordinate role to (a leading performer)

Heart Role Teach impart knowledge or skill to

Heart Role Teach/Mobilize help others achieve their potential.


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