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The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM) represents 300 rescue missions and other ministries that minister to homeless and poor people in the inner cities of the United States and Canada. It is part of the City Mission movement.

Since 1913, AGRM member ministries have offered emergency food and shelter, youth and family services, prison and jail outreach, rehabilitation, and specialized programs for the mentally ill, the elderly, the urban poor and street youth.

It's member rescue missions provide nearly 40 million meals & over 14 million nights of lodging to the needy each year. They are staffed by over 11,000 full-time workers and over 400,000 volunteers.

If annual cash contributions to all member missions were combined, the Association would be among the ten largest nonprofit organizations in the United States.

The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions was originally founded as the "International Union of Gospel Missions." The name was changed in 2000.


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