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International Digital Divide Links

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International Digital Divide Organizations




Oasis International

Oasis International serves areas of the English-speaking world where people cannot afford the literature and Bibles that they need to grow. These are countries where annual incomes are often measured in hundreds, not thousands, of dollars.


Antioch Internet Bible International

Antioch is focused on assisting churches in the developing world set up their own bible colleges, known as extension campuses

Greater Europe Mission/eDot

The Focus of eDot's (electronic Discipleship Outreach and Training) ministry is to provide creative outreach and training tools to assist churches in Europe in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Mission Aviation Fellowship Learning Technologies

MAF Learning Technologies provides the emerging church with vision, leadership and the necessary technology for training leaders.

Mission Aviation Fellowship Link

MAF Link keeps Christian and humanitarian workers connected in the most remote places on earth through remote email hubs, HF radio and other wireless email systems, satellite phone terminals, and custom communication solutions .

Mission: Computer Go Team

The Computer GO Team provides technology for our international mission partners and Members-in-Mission. Also the Computer GO team develops and maintains websites for MPPC supported mission organizations.

HandClasp International

HCI supports media development projects in India and Africa. Most recently, the majority of efforts have been directed to projects in Southeast Asia. HCI's communication Resources division helps NGOs to use media more effectively in development.

Crossroads International

Crossroads distributes goods to organizations that meet needs both locally and internationally. They donate 100 computers to help meet peoples needs. is a website aimed at promoting cybermissions, which is the intentional front-line use of computers and the Internet as tools in achieving the Great Commission.

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World In Need Philippines

World in Need Philippines is a part of a global network of national initiatives by people working in areas around the world to relieve suffering, poverty and oppression into over 22 countries not only through aid but also education and trade.


PC Sources


PC Sources

This organization provides used PCs with special pricing for Christian workers and missionaries


Missionary Computer Fellowship
  • Orlando, FL; 407-422-9265

Missionary Computer Fellowship


Equipping The Saints
  • 254 Keezletown Road; Weyers Cave, VA 24486

  • Tel: 540-234-6222

Equipping The Saints



MAF Office

Contact Richard Morris,

  • P.O. BOX 134 Crestline, CA 92325

  • Tel: 909-338-7441

MAF Office

Doing E-Training with Russian Christian church leaders



International Digital Divide Organizations




World Computer Exchange

WCE is an international educational nonprofit focused on helping the world's poorest youth to bridge the disturbing global divides in information, technology and understanding.



Share the Technology Provides equipment donation through a database of listings to schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations seeking computer donations.


Gifts in Kind International

Gifts in Kind International distributes millions worth of newly manufactured product donations and special pricing programs to qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations – nearly $800 million in 2003!

International Digital Divide Organizational Resources.


Computer Donations

AC4 currently does not provide Computer Donations to organizations, but does provide information on organizations that do.

Download Free Software

TechMission has assembled a collection of over 100 free software programs for technology centers including free Internet filtering software, word processors, antivirus software and much more.


International Digital Divide Community


Computer Centers in Developing Countries

TechMission’s AC4 has over 100 members in developing countries. We have found two models that work particularly well for computer centers in developing countries: for-fee Cybercafés and Computer Training Centers.


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