Introduction to the Internet, Web and Email


Objective: Students will know how to access the Internet, how to search effectively, and sign-up for and use an Email account using an Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Class 1: Getting Around, Planning a Trip and Searching for a Job


  • Presentation of the syllabus and introductions
  • “What is the Internet?” (Brainstorm)
  • Showing parts of the desktop
  • Different ways to go to the Internet
  • Defining terms and icons on the screen
  • Exploring the Internet by planning a trip
  • Job Search


Handouts: Syllabus

Anatomy of an Email message


Class 2: Getting and Using an Email Account


  • Getting an Email account
  • Using an Email account: sending greeting cards and email to one another
  • Independent Time: Searching and Exploring the Internet


Handouts: Popular Websites

How to get an Email account

Using your Email account

Anatomy of a Web Page

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