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Providing IT Outsourcing services can provide income, employment and an opportunity to disciple people.

While every outsourcing engagement provides a unique platform where organizational cultures interact and learn to work with one another, IT outsourcing within the mission world provides an opportunity to engage with other organizations to better understand the global context of use and development of technology. Several organizations in countries like India use the context of IT business outsourcing to engage with communities globally.

Olive Technology is a business based out of India with offices in USA that offers IT and IT enabled outsourcing services to non profit and commercial businesses in more than seven countries globally. Olive is able to serve multidimensional objectives, some of which include:

  1. Release of Technology: Engaging with global IT community, both within and outside of mission, to work together for release of technology;
  2. Provide platform to interact with people both internally and globally;
  3. Opportunity to directly minister through technology projects.

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