K-1st Classroom Project: Space and Curriculum for Technology, Visual Arts, Story, Academics and Play (Justin Little 06-07)

Member Name: Justin Little

Service Site: Central City Community Outreach

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Focus:

Over the course of his service year at Central City’s S.A.Y. Yes! Program, Justin Little developed 5 different activity centers for the K-1st classroom.

In this presentation, he describes the philosophy and curriculum of each: (1) the technology center, (2) the visual arts center, (3) the story center, (4) the homework tutoring center, and (5) the play center. 

A training manual accompanies the project, which he created to help the next K-1st teacher build upon the model already developed. The manual includes a description of a typical day in class, and strives to impart the wisdom that Justin Little acquired through his time working with 5-7 year olds.

After-School_Curriculum_Planning_0607_Justin_Little_K-1_Space_and_Curriculum_for_Tech_Visual_Arts_Story_Academics_Play.ppt3.72 MB
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