Lesson 3




1. Word Wrap

Have everyone type the word wrap paragraph then turn on the show/hide button. There should be only one paragraph symbol


Word Wrap. This is a blank sheet of paper. I am typing on this paper. I will keep on typing and never press the ENTER key until I finish typing this paragraph. Microsoft Word will determine when to start a new line as I type along. This ability of Microsoft Word to figure out when to move to the next line is called Word Wrapping.


Add 2 blank lines before the sentence that begins “This ability…”

Discuss backspace and delete; practice removing both ways


Class exercise:

Put the words “Word Wrap” on a line by itself, center and bold it.


2. Discuss Tab to indent (don’t indent 2x because it will indent the whole paragraph)

3. Discuss justification


4. Cut and Paste – have a clipboard to display, scissors to cut flip chart paper

Have a flip chart with 3 sentences on it but not in the correct order. Discuss cutting and pasting and demonstrate with scissors

Cut the words “Word Wrap”; add a couple of blank lines between paragraphs and paste it.


Demo copy and paste



5. Homework

Faith (for Content): 
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