Making the Connection: After-School Programs Partnering with Schools (Terrece Jordan 06-07)

Member Name: Terrece Jordan

Service Site: Grace Renaissance After School Program (GRASP) @ Full Life Gospel Center

Location: Dorchester, MA

Project Focus:

In this project, Terrece Jordan describes her experiences as a tutor at GRASP in establishing effective partnerships with teachers and other school staff. She also includes templates developed by her and the other staff of GRASP which are intended to help track students' academic progress, especially with homework, and to facilitate communication between schools and providers of after-school care.

After-School_Partnerships_w-School_0607_Terrece_Jordan_Making_the_Connection.ppt1.9 MB
daily_homework_assignment_sheet.pdf551.88 KB
daily_homework_performance_log.pdf15.26 KB
example_student_syllabus.pdf98.19 KB
sample_teacher_reports_on_students.pdf54.06 KB
school_record_parent_authorization.pdf428.78 KB
teacher_introductory_letter.pdf361.05 KB
teacher_followup_letter.pdf633.45 KB
teacher_observation_report.pdf341.22 KB


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