Multimedia Resources Toolkit

Multimedia Resources Toolkit


Web Design


  • Dreamweaver MX ( Professional standard to create websites. Integrates images, Flash, ASP, .NET, PHP code seamlessly with HTML to preview design. Also has built in FTP functionality to manage all files on your website
  • Go Live ( Adobe's attempt at competing with Dreamweaver
  • Homesite ( Excellent for hand coding with programming languages such as ASP, PHP, JSP, Cold Fusion, etc.
  • MS Frontpage ( Not recommended for professional web design


  • Flash MX ( Industry standard for creating SWF files and creating Flash movies. Creates animations of vector based graphics, and interactive visual content fro the internet. The latest version can also integrate video content and interface with backend database systems. You can download a 30 day trial version from the site at the link above.
  • LiveMotion ( Can export SWF files (Flash content) and integrates seamlessly with other Adobe products. It also has more tools and is easier to learn than Flash MX. The downside to LiveMotion is that it will always be a version behind Macromedias Flash because they own the rights to the Flash Player.
  • Flash Player ( Over 516 million Internet users now use Macromedia Flash Player to seamlessly view Flash content. Download the free player from the link above. Flash Player is currently on version 6.
  • ( Good source for tutorials, sound fx, and interface ideas
  • Swish ( Great application for creating quick and easy SWF files (Flash content) with effects and very low cost (under $50)

Desktop Publishing

Photo Editing

  • Photoshop ( Industry standard. You must learn this program to do any type of graphic design professionally.
  • Image Ready ( The best program to optimize and compress images for the internet, create rollover effects for buttons, and image maps

DVD Authoring

  • Adobe Encore DVD ( professional DVD production, including powerful menu design tools, full control over interactivity, and output to all recordable DVD formats
  • ( The best website to explain how to create DVDs, SVCDs, and VideoCDs with step by step tutorials and links to free software to duplicate DVDs. Also includes an extensive list of DVD players and compatibility information such as CDR/W, DVD±R/W, VCD, SVCD, and MP3.
  • DVD Studio Pro ( Pro quality DVD authoring tools, powerful and easy to use
  • iDVD ( OSX compatible DVD authoring application for home use

Video Editing

High End Production Broadcast Quality Video

Requires expensive RAID systems for editing video

  • Avid ( Standard in non-linear digital video editing, integrates with Protools for high end Audio scoring (highest cost)
  • Media 100 ( Powerful competition easier to use, slightly lower quality (lower cost)

DV Quality Video Production and Editing

  • Avid Xpress DV 3 ( A full-blown editing suite that has been designed from the ground up to look and feel like a professional Avid system. Uses firewire technology to interface with DV cameras to edit footage that compares to a mid-range analog system
  • Final Cut Pro ( Low cost easy to learn scalable nonlinear editing system
  • Adobe Premiere ( Non-linear video editing, Higher learning curve
  • Adobe After Effects ( Industry standard in video effects
  • AV Video Multimedia Producer ( An excellent magazine for keeping up with trends in Multimedia.

Video Accessories:

  • The TortleRig ( redistributes a DV camera's weight to keep the camera steady
  • The Glidecam Pro ( can maintain a steady smooth shot while cameraperson is running or climbing stairs
  • Century's anamorphic 16:9 wide-screen adapter ( attaches to camera to maintain a 16:9 picture even if your camera has a 4:3 chip
  • CamCrane DV ( Can elevate your DV camera for incredible camera shots
  • ProMax Systems ( sells the Cobra Cranes that can elevate your DV camera to 8 feet with a 3foot tripod
  • Gitzo ( makes various lightweight tripods that are popular and can support up to 26.5 lbs
  • Manfrotto ( makes even better tripods
  • Focus Enhancements ( makes a device that connects your DV camera to a Firewire disk and converts it to DDR for enhanced recording time
  • Neutrik/NTI ( is a small tool that can analyze any digital audio or video related audio signal for recording
  • Sabine ( 2.4 GHz wireless microphone systems
  • Sennheiser ( makes boomset microphone and headsets for video production personnel

Sound Editing

  • Protools ( Industry standard requires a RAID system for multi-tracking over 24 tracks, can use DSP Farm cards for added effects, uses TDM plugins and VST plugin effects, used for mastering and pre mastering can download the free version limited to 8 tracks of digital audio at the link above. Compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Digital Performer ( Multi tracking digital audio recorder with built in studio quality effects, also integrates a Midi sequencer and works with OMS easy to use and Mac Only.
  • Cubase VST ( Easy to use and extremely popular among PC users. Multi tracking digital audio with an easy to use Midi sequencer
  • OMS ( Open Midi System (formerly Opcode Midi System) Integrates sound libraries of all popular Midi synthesizers into Midi sequencer applications also works with serial and USB midi patch panels to control multiple Midi channels for multiple instruments for sequencing
  • Sound Edit 16 ( and Peak ( Mac only audio editing programs used for post production and pre mastering of tracks when mixing down multi track recordings.
  • Sound Forge XP ( A great sound editing application used for post production that is compatible with Windows XP for the PC

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