My Final Year: Program Startup at Roxbury Presbyterian (Catherine Moore 06-07)

Member Name: Catherine Moore

Service Site: Roxbury Presbyterian Church Social Impact Center

Site Location: Roxbury, MA

Project Focus:

In this project, Catherine Moore addresses issues related to starting a new program, describing both the positive experiences and the challenges that she faced.

She begins by presenting the vision of the Roxbury Pres. Church Social Impact Center After School Program: to serve every child, no matter what his or her capacity on entering the program.Then she describes how she and the Interim Director attended workshops in which they learned about issues that they would face in running the program.

She talks about the role which the new director took on once she came on board, and discusses the challenges they faced in recruiting volunteers.

Finally, she briefly describes the curricula she developed for the students, and how computer instruction was incorporated into the regular curriculum, as the children explored topics such as Black History, Women's Month, and what it was like to live in previous eras of history.

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