Nonprofit Fundraising: The Do's and Don'ts

Nonprofit Fundraising - The Do's and Don'ts

Tom Turner - Date: 2007-03-20

Raising money for a nonprofit organization can be very demanding. There are several sources from which you can seek funds for your nonprofit fundraising. This article will attempt to clear some of the cloud that hovers over this process.

The first thing that you must understand about nonprofit fundraising is the sources by which you will be receiving funding from.

Individuals Are Your Greatest Source for Nonprofit Fundraising

Individuals offer the largest amount of giving to most organizations and charities each year. Nearly 200 million dollars is raised each year by nonprofit fundraising through individual contributions and gifts.

The biggest problem with individuals is that it takes a larger number of them to accumulate large funds. It can often be hard to generate wide spread interest. Individuals can be risky for the inexperienced.

Large-Family Foundations Offer a Huge Source of Funds

If you are seeking nonprofit fundraising from a large family foundation you can often expect a rather large donation. The other advantages are their professional staff to help with details. They will usually outline very detailed guidelines so you know exactly where you stand.

The only problem with most large-family foundations are the fact that they usually only deal in start-up funds only. It can be a rather lengthy process to apply for nonprofit fundraising.

Small-Family Foundations Can Give a Boost

If your nonprofit fundraising efforts include a small-family foundation you may find that your funds are ongoing. You will experience a smaller, more personal influence with board members. Best of all they are not very fussy about grant format.

Small-family foundations do have some draw backs. They can often be hard to access, since there is usually no professional staff. They often cannot offer large sums of money. You often need some inside help to get access to them.

Large Corporations / Corporate Foundations Can Mean Big Bucks

The greatest thing about approaching large corporations for your nonprofit fundraising is the fact that they represent a source for very large sums of money. If you require continued funding they will often offer small amounts of money to be ongoing. It is likely you find an accessible, professional staff to assist as well.

The main drawbacks are the fact that large sums of money aren't ongoing. You must be within their guidelines only. It is not likely that they will contribute if you are not headquartered locally. They will sometimes demand that you have a board based representation.

Government Funds Are Tricky

It is possible to obtain large sums of money from the government for nonprofit fundraising. They will also have a very clear process set. If you or someone you know has some political clout, that can help you with obtaining funds. They may also offer a source of ongoing money that makes a difference down the road.

There are some considerable problems with raising funds for your nonprofit fundraising when dealing with the government. The application procedures may be long and tedious. You may need to return any unused funds and the paper work can be a nightmare. You should not rule them out, but they will most likely not be on the top of most peoples list.

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