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Online Addiction Recovery

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Online Addiction Recovery, or Internet Addiction Recovery, refers to the process of recovery from addictions or substance dependence. "Recovery is variously called a process, an outlook, a vision, a guiding principle. There is neither a single agreed-upon definition of recovery nor a single way to measure it. But the overarching message is that hope and restoration of a meaningful life are possible..."[1]

Online Addiction Recovery incorporates a philosophy of support, respect, empowerment, choice, and hope that is bestowed via online means. It can be helpful in itself and/or as part of a comprehensive treatment program that includes traditional face-to-face counseling and other treatment interventions.

Unlike face-to- face or offline recovery methods which can rely on visual and auditory cues, these are not available in internet addiction recovery methods. Therefore, it is vital that all invovlved in online recovery seek clarification of any communications, as needed.


Online Addiction Recovery was first seen on the Internet in the early 1990s. Unlike today, most online recovery did not take place on recovery websites or in chatrooms, they took place via email groups. Lamplighters[1],one of the oldest and largest of the email-based AA groups, came online in 1991. The Lamplighters Group rents a "listserver," the electronic equivalent of a church basement. Through it, they control the entry to their meetings, and request from new members only a statement of 3rd Tradition intent of the twelve traditions of AA.[2]

In 1995 the The Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous [3][2] was formed to serve all online Alcoholics Anonymous Groups in the rapidly growing online Fellowship. They provide links to many email meetings, as well as to many real-time chat meetings.

Another guide, the AA Live Chat Online Meeting Directory [3], emerged a few years later. It offers a nonprofit, 24/7, hour-by-hour directory of live AA text and voice chat meetings on the Web. Essentially, users can stop by, check the schedule, and click to a live chat meeting to attend, day or night. The directory features Web chat meetings originating in U.S., United Kingdom and Australian time zones. And in keeping with AA tradition, AA Live Chat only offers links to non-commercial AA chat meetings.

In the early 2000's SMART On-Line (SOL)[4] started providing daily meetings in text or voice chat, based on the Four-Point Program and tools of SMART Recovery® program, [4] ,[5] and attended by people throughout the English speaking world [6]. Some SOL meetings address Concerned Significant Others, rather than only people with addiction problems.[7]

"Community usually means a body of people living in a particular geographic area, but people in recovery from addiction often give the term another meaning. They create their own communities based on their sense of common identity and shared experience." [8] In 2006 Recovery Realm[5], an online recovery community came online. Recovery Realm provides meetings and fellowship via Chat Rooms and Message Forums.[9][6]) Recovery Realm is listed with the OIAA. [10]


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