Online Volunteer Recruiting

Online Volunteer Recruiting


Options for Volunteer Recruitment

The following are some methods of recruiting volunteers for technology programs. See this document for sample templates for each of these methods.

  1. Church Recruitment. Send out an e-mail to the church list or post an announcement in the bulletin, on powerpoint, or on a bulletin board.
  2. Online Recruitment. Many sites provide free online volunteer job listings. This method may reach the most volunteers, but most sites won’t limit inquires to Christians only. Some reliable sites are:
  3. AC4 Volunteer Recruitment. AC4 will soon provide the ability on our website for you to post your volunteer positions to help meet your technology needs. Sites can choose to only accept tech volunteers who are Christians.
  4. Other Recruitment. E-mail, post flyers, or talk in person to a college group such as Intervarsity or Campus Crusade for Christ.


Online Volunteer Screening

  1. Conduct screening and background check of volunteers for only $8/volunteer online at
  2. Get references from volunteers and follow through in checking them.


More Resources

1. TechMission’s PowerPoint presentation on volunteer management available at:

2. Templates, such as sample job descriptions, sample volunteer applications, etc. available on TechMission’s Website.

3. Helpful Links.

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