14th street ministries

3377 W. BROAD ST
Columbus, OH 43204
Mission Statement: 

Strong Tower Fellowship Church/14th street ministries is committed to adhere to the Word of God and its truths and doctrine. We believe in preaching the GOSPEL / GOOD NEWS to a lost world and Teaching the Word of God to the believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray we will never stray away from the truth of the mission GOD has given us .we pray that we will never, never pervert the WORD of GOD. We pray we will always communicate to a lost world and the believers in the body of CHRIST true Love, CHRIST in us. May GOD open the hearts of all that we come in contact with and that we as a body and individual are prepared with the truth of GODS WORD Teach in truth, play in truth, and sing in truth, Illustration in truth, Teach the WORD of GOD the same ,young and old do not dumb it down. allow the Holy Spirit to do HIS work, Pictures and images give the wrong impression. Services and events

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