ABBA Group

Organization Description: 

ABBA Group --

Under this group, there's one musical & education center called Hannah Art & Education Center which provide the musical for both classic and pop & language teaching to the local Chinese people. By doing this, we can prepare for God's Kingdom for the musical and language talents needed for the future and also outreach to the people in China who never come to church. The organization is prohibited to preach the gospel which we all know in China but through the relationship the teachers build with the students, we can have the influence on them and bring them to the local church. In most areas in China, there're no churches. This organization ( business) will help to build the mission center wherever it goes if the churches are not existed thre. If there's church, the organization will work with church for the musical or other teaching mission.

Organizational Email:
5F, No. 60, Wen Chuan Road
Taipei, 114
Mission Statement: 

1. Provide God's Kingdom with the musical and language talents.
2. Use music and language teaching to outseach the people in China.
3. Establish mission center if not available in the area we go to.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Business as Mission.

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