Acquire The Legacy Counseling Center, Inc.

Organization Description: 


Acquire The Legacy Counseling Center offers Holistic and Biblical College training sessions to individuals in and out of the church to teach and educate them on how to counsel the whole man. After each lession, an examination is given to determing what was learned. At the end of the training sessions, the person would receive a certificate, Diplomas and a range of Degrees giving them the authority to counsel people.

Secondly, ATLCC provides counseling for individuals that have problems with their marriage, family, emotions, substance abuse, sickness and etc. These sessions will be private and/or groups as needed. An evaluation will be one to determine the progression and applications in the individual‚?s life.

Thirdly, ATLCC‚?s website provides additional information regarding problems and how to identify its roots. The site will allow individuals to ask questions and get answers via e-mail. ATLCC also has a resource center for personal study through means of books, computers, tvs and stereos.

Finally, ATLCC reaches out to the poor/indigent to minister through food and goods in the USA and have done so in India also =, including the building of an Orphanage in India. In Nov 2008, we served the Homeless under the PA Bridge ( )

e-mail. ATLCC also has a resource center for personal study through means of books, computers, tvs and stereos.

Development to Date

Founded in 1999 by Dorothy James Wesley, Acquire The Legacy assisted the growth of many individuals and families who were struggling in various areas of their lives. Acquire The Legacy was visible on the radio, website and in the community addressing the needs of individuals by provide adequate solutions. Acquire The Legacy taught people how to transform their thinking to identify past, present and future issues while applying the correct response.

Recently, Acquire The Legacy became a counseling center with a physical location; therefore, incorporated a new entity entitled, ‚?Acquire The Legacy Counseling Center, Inc‚?.

Legal Status and Ownership

Acquire The Legacy Counseling Center is incorporated under the laws of the state of New Jersey. ACTLCC is recognized as a non-profit within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Dorothy James Wesley is the president and founder of the Acquire The Legacy Counseling Center, Inc.

Funding of the company has come from personal funds and donations.

717 Landis Ave, Ste 5
Vineland, NJ 08362
Mission Statement: 

The Company’s Mission

Our goal is to assist individuals in becoming productive members of society based on biblical principals. We accomplish this by using a holistic approach in addressing the needs of individuals to empower them to raise a standard in every area of their lives. The holistic approach deals with the soul, body and spirit of an individual rather than analysis, treatment or dissection of only one part. We educate the individuals concerning the whole and/or complete systems such as biological, chemical, social, economic, mental and linguistic systems in which they live and operate.

We train and educate individuals to become effective counselors in and out of their respected churches and the market places. These counselors can eventually establish centers to train others to effectively counselor the whole man (soul, body and spirit). Our development goal is to provide steady expansion to meet the needs of our society

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe that the Holy Bible is the undisputable Word of Almighty God. I believe that Almighty God is a Living Spirit being Omnipotent, omnminescence, omnipresent, and although one God, is three equal yet separate persons (personalities)... the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That God sent Jesus Christ for our Salvation, giving His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ for the redemption of the Sin of Mankind (His fallen children) and Eternal Life. We believe that Jesus Christ lived on earth in bodily form, was crucified and died on the cross shedding His blood to conquering life, death and the grave through His resurrection.We believe that the Holy Spirit, who is our Comforter, Advocate, Teacher and Guide... being sent back TO us to dwell IN us, convicting us of Sin and leading us into All truth. We believe that we must be baptised in water and by the Holy Spirit.We believe in Holy Communion, the Second Coming OF Jesus Christ and the Rapture and Eternal Life. We believe we must Worship God in Spirit and Truth. We believe that we have been left the keys to live in the Kingdom of God here on earth BEFORE reaching the Kingdom of Heaven because we are meant to live supernaturally here on earth in Shalom (peace) where nothing is broken or missing through the legacy of Jesus Christ left for us all who believe

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