Acres of Hope

Organization Description: 

Acres of Hope provides support services to Acres of Hope Liberia which is a humanitarian organization and adoption agency in West Africa. These services include managing State-side communications, grant writing, receiving and managing donations (financial and physical), etc.

Acres of Hope Liberia conducts adoptions, provides medical and school supplies, creates medical and educational opportunities, and assists with agricultural and economic development in West Africa.

Organizational Email:
29525 Four Corners Store Rd
Mason, WI 54856
Mission Statement: 

ACRES OF HOPE , Inc. (AOH) is a humanitarian organization focusing its energy and resources to meet the needs of the people in Africa suffering from hunger, poverty, disease, illiteracy, and despair. Serving globally with compassion and maintaining high standards of integrity and accountability, ACRES OF HOPE will effectively demonstrate God's love by bringing hope to the hopeless through work and action. In addition, ACRES OF HOPE is an informational resource regarding international adoption from Liberia and Ghana, West Africa.

Acres of Hope Liberia, Inc. (AOHL) is the sister organization of AOH which is dedicated to meeting the needs of orphan children in Liberia, West Africa. AOHL is a non-profit charitable and humanitarian organization which is fully accredited and licensed to operate orphanages and children's homes and to complete adoptions. We work closely with families and the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to ensure that each child is provided the most appropriate services.

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