Action for Social Empowerment and Economic Development (ASEED)

Organization Description: 

Action for Social Empowerment and Economic Development (ASEED) is a registered, frontline non profit and non-governmental development organization. It was created in 2008, registered as Common Initiative Group (CIG) in 2011 and transformed into a Non - Governmental Organization (NGO) in 2013. This was a direct response to the colossal socio-cultural, economic and political challenges, faced by women, girls, youth and other vulnerable populations in Cameroon and in Africa at large.

The main goal of ASEED is to consolidate the role of women, youth, children and other vulnerable population in the communities by enhancing their participation in social, cultural, economic, political and environmental issues.

ASEED's Objectives are as follows: 1. To promote equality and advance the rights of women, youth, children, and other vulnerable population at all levels of the society. 2. To empower and promote sustainable economic independence for women, girls and youths. 3. To promote access to Health Education/Promotion, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), HIV/AIDS, WASH etc

4. To promote sustainable livelihoods through the enhancement of modern social, cultural and agricultural practices.

We use participatory approach to development by involving beneficiaries at all levels to ensure sustainable development in the communities where we operate.

Gender, rights-based and disability are cross-cutting issues and are mainstreamed in all our interventions.

2nd Floor ELECAM Building, Mile 3 Nkwen
Bamenda, PO Box 512
Mission Statement: 

To ensure the protection of rights of women, youth, girls and children in the domain of social, economic and environmental justice geared towards sustainable development.

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