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Mission Statement: 

The Acts 2/40 Project was established on several visions.
Primarily, the statement proposed by Pastor Brady Boyd of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO fueled the development of this community. Pastor Body stated,
"If the local church wants to raise up young leaders, we must be willing to give them a place at the table and we must be willing to clean up some messes" (February 15, 2010,
The members of Acts 2/40 recognize the urgent need for leaders to rise up and take action to respond to the call of God to be lights in this hurting, broken world. We understand that we need guidance as to how to lead, who to be leaders to, when we can lead, and where we will lead. Our goal is to use this community to teach, encourage, and direct leaders in training. Our objective is that this community can serve as a valuable resource to leaders as they enhance their skills through this training, as well as increase their knowledge of the living Word. By choosing to be at the center of one’s own faith development, our leaders will be given opportunities to use the gifts God has given them. The journey of being a leader for the Lord is not necessarily an easy task, but it is a rewarding one. Mistakes may be made but the community of Acts 2/40 will support its members throughout the molding of their leadership abilities.
Second, the Act’s 2/40 Project is rooted in the verse Acts 2:49 (NIV) which states, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation”. There are many distractions from the world which are pulling individuals away from God and causing individuals to follow ambitions which misleadingly please. However, the Acts 2/40 Project is a community where those who are willing to follow God, regardless of their background, will be drawn together in unity to be a part of generation willing to be trained to be competent in encouraging and reaching out to the struggling world about the truth of God. Our leaders will be educated to instill hope in a generation desperate for healing and peace through the teachings of the Bible. Our leaders will love both the sinner and the saint as they come to us and we will be here to “clean up the messes” of this generation and “give them a place at the table” with the body of Christian believers.
Some lives are being completely destroyed and many more broken from risky behaviors and choices. Our desire is to see young adults see through the misconstrued ideologies of society and return to the Kingdom of God. Our desire is to have the lives and souls of young people changed as they are follow a compassionate God. May our vision to raise up leaders for the Kingdom’s cause bless and reach many.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, died on the cross for us to have eternal life. We believe that God is the only God and He reigns! We believe in the Holy Sprit. We believe in the Bible as a whole.

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