aElohim Worship Band

Organization Description: 

we have visions .. 1. To organize worship team in all Churches ( in all denominations) according to their request and interest. 2. To train up for the worshiper for the perfect worship this should be model worship for the other section. 3. To teach the method of worship this should be approved one one in the sight of God and man too 4. To organize exceptional and reasonable music classes for the appropriate spiritual modification of system worship, pointing the worshipers. 5. To organize open air worship programmes on stage and indoor hall in the different places of all over Odisha and in India, to create interest in the hear of general public to worship the one and true God 6. To organize teaching program concerning the different role of Christian' s in the Church.

Christian Street 1st lane , Jeypore
Jeypore, 764001
Mission Statement: 

Elohim Worship Band is a team which dedicated to do the ministry for India and also outside of India. Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus ! I am Sandeep Biswasi, Worship leader of Elohim Worship Ban In India State Odisha Village Jeypore 764001, District Koraput. Me and my whole family serve God with dedicatedly we don't want to do any thing only ministry to glorify our dear God. Amen.  We have a Church we don't have a building for serve the Lord we are in a rental house to worship the Lord which is not comfortable to praise and worship. we'll need a Church please help us to buy land and build the house of God.  We are a worship team registered one year ago but working for 13 years as a worship Band we try to organise worship programs for teens and youths  with our pocket money but its not enough here we need much source to organise ./  We don't have any income source we all do part time jobs to earn and give to ministry but not enough we need many instruments sound system and vehicles and also grain ng we need so that we can glorify God more. And we help poor and need people by distributing clothes and teach them with no fees.. And organise student empowerment programs etc. Please help us to find a way.. 

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

we believe in Lord Jesus Christ who was who were and who z forever and ever.
we believe that God has chosen us to show compassion to poor and help the needy people and to glorify God.
we will do till our end we will service the God one an only God..

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