Afaayo Foundation Uganda

Organization Description: 

Afaayo Foundation Uganda is a registered community-based non-profit organization located in Jinja district, Uganda. Afaayo foundation Uganda was established in 2008 by Ivan Andrew Kusasira after a careful assessment of need in the communities and the possible solutions that could provide long term changes in the areas of outreach. Afaayo foundation Uganda designs and conducts programs which contribute to the welfare and social productivity of disadvantaged individuals and communities with an emphasis on children, youth, women and the elderly.

We address some of the most pervasive problems in rural Uganda, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, hunger, education, poverty, access to clean drinking water, and orphaned children. Afaayo has a mandate that small family setup solutions are the key to change and transformation of society, therefore, we emphasize the families as the best entry points in meeting the needs of the community.

The focus of our programs is on providing resources for quality education in under-resourced communities. In order to uplift the youngest of our society however, it is often necessary to first assist adults and the communities in which they live. Past and/or ongoing projects conducted in the general community include feeding the destitute, outreach, counseling, and assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS and other medical ailments, counseling and immediate assistance to individuals who have been raped or defiled, building of village wells, assistance with women’s craft groups, and organization and ongoing assistance.

It’s our passion that the families we reach out become self sustaining in the long time with our assistance in the short term. We therefore reach out to the most remote communities in the Busoga Region, Schools and colleges, Prisons, churches and families in the different parts of the region.

Afaayo's approach to the care of orphans differs from some organizations in that they care for orphans within family setting and within their villages as opposed to orphanages. Orphans are typically adopted by relatives, so Afaayo helps with the support of these orphans within their original adoption. Within this family approach to care, Afaayo additionally supports widows, many of whom care for the orphans supported by Afaayo.

The focus of the organization is on eliminating causes of poverty and disease while providing long-term solutions; therefore, Afaayo places great emphasis on education. In addition to paying for school fees (education is not free in Uganda), Afaayo seeks to provide AIDS and medical education and especially spiritual education through teaching and equipping people with the Bible.

P.O BOX 5323
Jinja, 00256
Mission Statement: 

Achieving transformed independent communities through self-help initiatives for increased physical, social, economic and spiritual enhancement

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Members of Afayo foundation Uganda Board of Directors and staff accept the final and sole moral and ethical authority to be the teaching of the Bible which is the word of God.
We believe that man is created in the Image of God with dignity, fallen by the influence and nature of sin, and therefore capable of much evil, and redeemable through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to dignified restoration through faith in Christ by the Holy Spirit of God.

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