Organization Description: 

Africa Initiative for the Needy Uganda (AINU) is an organization of Ugandans engaged in development projects. It is a medium sized NGO working to help people with disabilities, aged, youth, orphans, vulnerable children, women and teenagers, to reduce poverty and improve the likelihoods of poor communities.
AINU operates in Kampala District but is also involved in Kayunga, Kalangala, Mukono and Masaka Districts. Our head office is located in Kampala.

Through a number of activities so far undertaken, AINU has established itself as a "leading NGO and key actor" within the civil society in Uganda, contributing to sustainable livelihoods of the resource poor, good governance in development resources management, sustainable development and poverty reduction among the poor communities and the entire country Uganda. The profile of the organization as an important partner and actor in fighting rural poverty among the needy groups and communities has certainly been established.

AINU is thus playing a complimentary role with the existing government efforts, as an external agent (catalyst), in community development initiatives and the new co-management system and thus contributing to the overall national development goals / agendas.

AINU undertakes this through the provision of services / assistance in defining problems; providing independent advices, ideas and expertise; guiding joint problem-solving and decision-making; and continuing to advocate for appropriate policies.

Beyond this, AINU has continued to undertake the following; training and education on (leadership and organizational management); situational analysis and problem-solving; consensus building; livelihood and enterprises management; conflict management; advocacy; facilitation; networking; socio-economic monitoring and evaluation; and facilitation in the development of good communication channels and open discussions as well as the promotion of dialogue between the needy groups and community members and governments (national and local governments) through meetings and forum for discussions.

AINU is an active member to both national and local relations and has managed to make friends from USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. This has enabled AINU to network, share information and experience as well as link national, regional and international issues in practice and to shape policies at all levels. AINU has, therefore, emerged as a credible voice for the resource poor needy groups and communities in Uganda.

Nalukolongo, Wakaliga, Lubaga Division
Kampala, CA 00256
Mission Statement: 

AINUÂ’s mission is to work towards ensuring the rural grass-roots marginalized and the most vulnerable affected by war, poverty, disease, discrimination, tortured have access to best health care, fundamental human rights education, fight and prevent drug abuse and illicit trafficking among the youth, access to safe and clean water, sanitation, adequate shelter, right to food and working with the community to bring about transformation development and poverty eradication.

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